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Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies (Zantedeschia Aethiopica) are a graceful Springtime bloomer. Their large elegant white blooms contrast against their dark evergreen foliage. Callas are pretty hearty plants, so year after year they’ll multiply and spring up in some of the dankest and shady areas with their show-stopping white cone-shaped flower.

Often associated with funerals and death – the Calla Lily is anything but sad or mournful. Callas classically symbolize faith, holiness and purity. By having Calla Lilies at a funeral it will symbolize that the soul of the departed has innocence after death. Also attributed as the representative flower of a 30th wedding anniversary and the month of May – Callas have a lot going for them!

At Landscape Assistance we advise planting these bulb perennials in non-direct sunlight where they thrive in moist, well-drained soil. Every Spring Callas will produce rich green leaves and shoot out spears of budded stems blooming most abundantly March – June.

In our Southern California climate, these plants over-winter well and start producing new foliage as the weather warms. Try them in pots or raised beds!

Calla Care

If you notice yellowing in the leaves of your Callas we recommend a nitrogen-heavy fertilizer like @miraclegro and within about 10 days you’ll notice new growth and deep green, healthy foliage. If you notice your Callas are not putting out much new growth at all, consider pulling up the bulb root and separating them out and replanting. Occasionally the bulb can become overgrown upon itself – this is especially important if your Calla Lilies live in pots.

Proper Pruning

Removing old leaves and stems is easy and doesn’t require any tools. Get a good grip low on the decaying stem and pull swift and hard and the entire stem will cleanly pull out of the plant. It makes pruning your Callas easy – and fun – so the plant can fill in with new fresh growth. #whatsbloominSD

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