With their ball-like blooms and vibrant colors, hydrangeas are stunners, easily recognizable and highly coveted. But growing them isn’t always simple. The most important factor in growing healthy hydrangeas in Southern California is climate and placement of the plant. Most hydrangeas thrive in morning sun though the closer to the Southern California coast you are, […]


Ok ok, so we know that drainage isn’t the sexiest part of a landscape but it’s definitely one of the most important! Well-drained soil is imperative for most plants to thrive. Though it doesn’t rain much in Southern California when it does rain, it POURS! Effective drainage gets excess water out of your landscape and […]

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies (Zantedeschia Aethiopica) are a graceful Springtime bloomer. Their large elegant white blooms contrast against their dark evergreen foliage. Callas are pretty hearty plants, so year after year they’ll multiply and spring up in some of the dankest and shady areas with their show-stopping white cone-shaped flower. Often associated with funerals and death – […]


At Landscape Assistance we love this woody vine native to Japan, China, and Korea. Wisteria grows beautifully in our Southern California climate and once a year it produces an unparalleled bloom in the Spring that makes the months it lies leafless and dormant totally worth it. Also available in white, we’re partial to the classic […]