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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the Landscape Assistance design process, services, and fees? Read answers to our most common frequently asked questions here.

Our minimum is $1,500 per day, which includes a 4 man crew for 8 hours, all equipment and hauling away up to 1 yard of miscellaneous debris. This 8 hours includes driving to and from the jobsite.

Yes, it helps us immensely when a client provides us with a budget upon beginning to discuss the scope of work. We will work with you to set a realistic budget outline for the items requested. We are experienced suggesting how to best allocate resources, i.e. utilizing your budget for high use areas and providing low cost solutions for lesser seen, utility areas. We also frequently work in phases, completing work over a period of months or years as the budget permits.

The initial consultation, which is up to 1 hour, is free. This meeting will determine if your budget allows you to install all the items you’d like in the landscape.

Yes, we do charge for our designs. The cost is determined by the size of the project and the complexity of the owner’s requirements.

The general budget must be agreed upon by both parties prior to the start of the design process. Please see our full design process outline here.

A small deposit, $1,000 or less, will hold the next available work period for your job. We work Monday through Friday, weather permitting until work is completed. The same crew will work continuously at your job. We do not move crews around to accommodate another job, and there is no stopping/restarting of work.

Yes, we have various lenders we work with.

Prior to the start of work, the homeowner will receive a construction/payment schedule. This will show when payments are due and how they correspond with the work being completed and materials being delivered to the job site. The client is able to look at the landscape proposal and construction/payment schedule, and see how payments will equal the tasks being completed. We do not request large upfront deposits.

Cash, check, credit cards and financing are accepted forms of payment.

Yes, we will design and install any type of outdoor amenity the homeowner may desire. From kitchens to fireplaces and fire pits, to any type of structure to fit the theme of your landscape, we have the experience and knowledge to make your vision a reality.

We are a licensed landscape contractor. Pools and spas require a separate license. We work in conjunction with the pool contractor. This ensures the landscape and pool/spa are integrated and blend seamlessly, creating a more homogenous design. This also results in fewer headaches for the homeowner as there is no need to hire a separate contractor. The homeowner will have one point of contact, Landscape Assistance, for all aspects of the outdoor renovation.

One crew will be assigned to your job throughout the entire installation. The crew foreman meets with the construction supervisor onsite daily to discuss the day’s work, check the prior day’s work and answer any questions. In the morning, prior to heading to the job site, the construction schedule and design are reviewed and discussed prior to the daily site meeting.

We use subcontractors for concrete finishing, extensive carpentry jobs, electrical work, gas/plumbing, pools and built in spas. We handle all the underground work and miscellaneous prep work to assist the subcontractors to ensure the work blends seamlessly. We handle all scheduling with subcontractors, so the job continues according to the construction schedule.

Yes. Certificates of insurance are provided with your landscape proposal and can be verified through the Contractors State License Board:

We warranty all hardscape work for 1 year, including labor and materials. All plant material is warrantied for 90 days.

We schedule our clients on a first come, first serve basis. We maintain a schedule of all ongoing and upcoming jobs and are able to provide scheduling information to clients during the estimating phase. It is helpful for us to know how soon a homeowner is looking to have their project completed and if there are any scheduling requests on their end. We prefer to be the only contractor working in a client’s yard at a given time. For instance, if a client is having solar installed, we prefer to not overlap with that particular crew.

In a word: Experience. The owner of the company has been in this industry his entire working life and has lived and worked in San Diego County his entire life, which has equipped him with a vast knowledge of what works in our particular community. Additionally, many of our top foremen have been with the company for over 25 years. We are a professional company who will be available to you consistently throughout the duration of the job. During the installation phase, 1 company service truck will transport all crew members daily. Our crews are uninformed. Your crew will be made up of the same people every day, which creates a cohesive unit and a better end product.

The length of your project depends on the scope of work. Projects can range from a days to months, depending on the scope of work. Information on the length of the project can be provided after the scope of work is discussed. A construction schedule is provided once the contract has been signed.

Landscape Assistance has been a green company before the term became popular. Our facility is located on 12 acres in San Marcos and we have composted 98% of our green waste since 1995. When we perform green demolition at the beginning of a job, instead of “dumping” the plants, we pot them up and rehabilitate them. This creates one of a kind specimens for our nursery. Soil, rocks, and cement are brought back to our facility and utilized at our site or recycled back into new jobs.

We do not provide maintenance services, but we can provide recommendations for your ongoing maintenance needs. Upon the completion of a job, we provide the homeowner with information on how to take care of their landscape and inform them of good maintenance practices to ensure the landscape thrives in the coming years.

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Landscape Assistance has an in house Horticulturist. Our horticulturist has lived and worked in San Diego County for 40 years and was educated in ornamental horticulture. This allows our company to provide the homeowner with guidance in proper plant selection. The process begins with the theme of your plant material, from tropical to a xeriscape. We provide each client with a plant palette for their landscape, including photos. We provide options and make recommendations. After the client has eliminated plants they don’t want, we use this palette for the custom plant design for your landscape.