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Horticulture Gallery

The flora that makes an outdoor paradise


Owner, Jeff Smith, is a Horticulturist and with his extensive knowledge and passion for plants in house, Landscape Assistance has the ability to take into account personal preference, climate and soil quality and install the most premium plant material for your outdoor space.

Jeff also understands the importance of waterwise plant material and keeping water bills in a reasonable range. Landscape Assistance has spent many years converting high water consuming topical landscapes popularized in the early 1990’s to fresh and contemporary waterwise outdoor spaces.

After 40 years of operation Landscape Assistance has amassed an extensive personal nursery. We are able to offer specimen sized trees and select plants at a wholesale price to our customers simply due to the fact that we have grown so many onsite over the past four decades.

Contact our office for more information regarding a free consultation or purchasing specimen plants from our nursery.

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