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Our Nursery

Landscape Assistance has been performing landscape installations in San Diego County for decades, and a component of these installations are green demolition. Through these demolitions, we often recover quality, unique plant material, including many specimens that are unavailable in standard nurseries. These trees and plants are available in our nursery.

Worried about getting a large tree home? Landscape Assistance is also available to transport and install the large palm trees.

A few of the plants and palms currently available in our nursery

Aloe Arborescens: One of the original aloes used in San Diego County, this plant can be used as an informal non-penetrable hedge or as a large accent plant. This plant will grow to 8′ x 8′ and is one of the best plants to use on any slope as its roots are extensive. This is one of a group of plants that should be installed in a 100-foot defensible fire space.

Agava Attenuata: This is one of the most desirable agaves due to the soft nature of its leaves, its lack of thorns and its large structural look. This plant requires no maintenance, adds interest to any landscape with its large (4′ x 4′) structure and is compatible with most landscapes. This plant looks exceptional when installed by large rocks, and also works as a standalone or transitional plant.

Agava Americana Variegata: This plant adds color to any xeriscape with its large (5 to 6 foot) yellow and blue-green striated leaves. When used as a focal point or simply massed with 12-foot spacing, this magnificent visual beauty will attract the eye with its unusual form and color. This plant will require little to no water after it is established.

Agava Vilmoriniana: This agave is thornless beauty that will grow up to 5′ x 5′. The large arching leaves create a stunning specimen that calls to mind the undulating arms of an octopus. Used as a single plant, it can be the focal point to any xeriscape.

Aeonium Urbicum: This “salad bowl” aeonium is a must use in any local landscape. It is excellent as a foreground plant that can spread up to 3 feet wide and 18 inches high. The large glossy leaves, tinged in red, add a green ground cover element to any low water landscape.

Aloe Ferox: This large 5′ x 5′ aloe is another aloe that will serve as a focal point in any yard. With large barbed edged leaves, this plant has an exceptional bloom and can be shaped into a small tree.

Crassula Argentea “Crosby’s Compact”: This is a hybrid from the jade plant, which is well known in California’s frost-free zones. The smaller nature of this plant (18″ x 18″) makes it a perfect plant in mid-range plantings where won’t overpower. With no thorns and red-tinged leaves, it also works well in pots.

Euphorbia Tirucalli “Fire Sticks”: This is a tall upright plant (10′ x 4′) that will add striking color to tough south-facing sun-scorched areas that require a narrow vertical plant. Watch the sap on this one as it is known to cause rashes or a burning sensation when it comes into contact with skin.

Palm Trees:

Archontophoenix Cunninghamiana “King Palm”

Landscape Assistance has a wide selection of this variety. Trunk heights range from 10 to 25 feet. Some trunks are perfectly straight and some have graceful bends. Double trunk specimens are also available. This self-pruning palm is a must in any Mediterranean or tropical landscape. These tall beauties are ideal to frame 2 to 3 story homes.

Syagrus Romanzoffiana “Queen Palm”

Landscape Assistance offers 2 styles of queen palm. The difficult-to-find California queen has an exceptionally fat trunk and when combined with its slower growth habits, it is a quality addition to any Mediterranean landscape. We also offer the imported Florida queens known for its rapid growth and height. When combined with king palms, these give a powerful Mediterranean feel to any yard. These palms are available in 15-gallon size up to specimens of 25-foot plus trunk height.

Phoenix Roebelenii

This smaller, slow-growing palm adds interest to any Mediterranean or tropical landscape. We stock single, double and triple trunk specimens with trunk height from 4 to 8 feet. These can be used as accent pieces or as a theme plant throughout a landscape. We believe we have the tallest specimens available in San Diego County. These are from green demolitions and are climatized and hardened off, ready for any installation.

Landscape Assistance offers additional plants not listed.

We only grow only plants that will thrive in most San Diego County areas. Please call us at 760.740.1343 to get prices or set up an appointment to inspect any plant material.