Understanding how Landscape Assistance works: start to beautiful finish. 

Our Process

1) Phone or Email Consultation

  • We encourage any questions to be emailed to us via our contact form or give the Landscape Assistance office a call at tel:7607401343 which will prompt a call back from our in house Sales Manager
  • An initial phone call with our in house Sales Manager will go over the following:
    •  The scope of the job to determine the desires of the potential client, what they’re looking for in a designer/contractor as well as any specific problems the potential client has been encountering.
    • Pictures of items discussed my also be requested via email; please feel free to send any supporting pictures via email during the initial inquiry email as well. 
    • During this initial phone call the Landscape Assistance Sales Manager will be able to provide feedback and an overall rough scope of cost of the project as well as the cost of the design.

2) In Person Consultation

  • After the initial phone call, if both parties mutually agree to move forward, the Landscape Assistance Sales Manager will meet with onsite at the job. A site consultant will range from $100 – 300 depending on the size of the project. When/if the final contract is signed, the cost of the on-site consultation will be rebated back to the client toward the cost of the project.
  • Should a complete design be necessary to complete a re-design or landscape renovation, there will be a 2-3 week processing time to complete the design depending on the scope of the job.
    • A small project may only require a sketch to show the layout.
    • A medium project with more than two facets of the job will require a scaled design.
    • A large landscape renovation may require the services of a Landscape Architect for engineering purposes. 
    • Fees for a design range from $950 – 3,000 depending on the scale of the project.

3) Design Approval

  • A client will be presented with two design concepts and reviewed with the Landscape Assistance in house Sales Manager.  
    • Any additions can be added in and re-drawn during this time.
    • Cost and expectations are discussed
    • Additional items, plants or products are added as well as the added cost for any additions/changes
  • Up to two additional meetings are scheduled to go over design and revisions before setting upon a final design and cost estimate for the renovation. 
  • When the design and final cost estimate are finalized with approval from the client a contract is drawn up and signed by both parties with a proposed construction start date.

4) The Renovation

  • During the time between the signing the contact and the proposed construction start date, a construction schedule and payment schedule is proposed to the client.
  • Every client job is assigned one crew that will work at the job-site Monday-Friday until the completion of the project. Landscape Assistance does not double book jobs and we do everything within our power to keep the individuals on your crew consistent so you know who is coming to your property every single day.
  • Owner, Jeff Smith and Sales Manager, Paco Segura are available to the client for questions during the entire renovation process. 
  • For additional information see our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us.
Amber Residence Design and Install Plan Example
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