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Patio Covers, Shade Structures, and Outdoor Structures

Outdoor structures are multi-functional and multi-seasonal additions to an exterior living space. These features provide protection from the elements, define space, and offer refuge from the stresses of daily life. Incorporating these bold features into an outdoor design has become second nature for homeowners seeking different ways to prolong the convenient enjoyment of the outdoors.

Depending on the goals of your design, you may want to choose a structure that can be utilized in a variety of different ways and times.

Patio Covers are generally attached to the home and may have a solid roof or one built with trellis or lattice. With a patio cover, you can entertain and enjoy the outdoors year-round, add living space to your home, and keep energy costs down during hot summer months by preventing solar heat from entering your home.

Arbors are smaller than pergolas or trellises. These structures can be used to define a point of entry, divide different outdoor rooms, or frame a focal point in your garden. Arbors are often made of rustic metal or lattice on which plants, such as climbing vines or roses, take on new heights

Gazebo’s are free-standing, octagonal structures with a solid roof and open sides providing full shade with unobstructed views.

A trellis adds charm to any garden. These structures have an open framework or lattice that is commonly used to support climbing plants. These structures can be built from wood, vinyl, or metal and may be freestanding or attached to the home. Trellises can be used to designate outdoor rooms and provide an extra layer of privacy.